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Video Quality Control

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  • Added: Jan 18, 2023
  • Closing: Mar 19, 2023

Bolt Talent Solutions Ltd

Ebene, Plaines Wilhems

Job Description

About The Role

We are interested in individuals who have a passion for sports and an eye for detail. This role requires the ability to follow technical and editorial guidelines and apply a specific set of criteria to hundreds of video clips.

The QC will be presented with batches of video clips along with accompanying metadata files. The QC must ensure that the details supplied within the metadata file correspond with the details of the matching video clip. For example, the metadata will indicate that a goal for Manchester United at home is scored by Cristiano Ronaldo with his head against Leeds United. Does this match what is seen in the video clip supplied?

There will also be a series of further checks applied to the video itself before the QC logs the suitability of the video and the accompanying data into the digital archive database. Checks will include the following:
  • Does the clip have audio commentary?
  • Does the commentary reference an incident from earlier in the game (i.e., ‘That’s his 2nd goal of the match’)?
  • Is there a technical error within the video (freeze, black frame, glitch etc)?

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