Sales Girls

  • Cascavelle Shopping Village, Coastal Road, Bambous, Mauritius
  • 15/11/2018
Full time Sales

Job Description


  1. Guaranteed basic salary Rs9000+3%commission+Transportation allowance+ Meal allowance+Night shift allowance+Overtime allowance+13months salary
  2. Annual leave, Sick leave, Local leave, Marriage leave,etc, legal holiday and social Insurance.
  3. all types of holiday welfare, free tea for drinking.
  4. Opportunities for further study abroad+Training+Unlimited opportunities for development.

【Career Development】:

Sales girl - Vice supervisor- Supervisor

Excellent people can successfully promote their management positions in three months. As long as you have the ability, promotion is a feeling of flying.

★ Interview process: initial test - retest - trainee training - entry

【Job requirements】

  1. At least 18 years old, college degree or above, good facial features, good health, good conduct, no bad habits.
  2. Be able to operate computer. Good at Excel work.
  3. Would like to challenge the high-base salary and high commission, love sales, can bear hardships and stand hard work, withstand the ability to resist pressure.
  4. Want to join the excellent team and get system professional training. Can accept strict screening, can accept a week pre-job training (no salary, but free training and enjoy transportation allowance), respect two-way choice.
  5. Want to have a quick and fair promotion opportunity, dare to fight, have a good sense of service, and have a strong desire to start a business.
  6. Accept arrangement to work in different shops.

【Working time】

One day off every week

【Shops location】

Cascavelle shopping mall,coastal road, flic en flac,Mauritius


5824 2868