Trader - Futures, Option, Commodities, Currency & Stock

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  • Ebene
  • 12/04/2019
Full time Accounting Banking Finance

Job Description

Product - Futures, Option, Commodities, Currency & Stock

Job description:

  1. Execute purchases and sales in a timely and efficient manner
  2. Research and resolve issues in trading area
  3. Reporting on daily, weekly, monthly activity
  4. Create new market making strategies for electronically traded products
  5. Build quality relationships with industry participants

 Qualification -Degree in Economics, finance, Mathematics

 Experience - 3 to 5 years

 Skills: Confidence, Numerical skills, IT skills, Communication skills, An interest in financial markets,  Analytical skills, Interpersonal skills & Team working skills.

What we offer:

Salary will depend on experience

Please send your CV to The Manager at [email protected]