Career Development Officer

  • Soft Skills Consultants
  • Quatre-Bornes
  • 03/02/2020
Full time Consultant

Job Description

The Career Development Officer shall be responsible to deliver services provided by the Centre to specific audiences as detailed below.

• Provide career counselling and career development sessions for students and job seekers.
• Develop career services programmes that will help students and job seekers in exploring and planning career options.
• Work with students and job seekers on their needs for career development.
• Conduct trainings, workshops, lectures, presentations, and other events to develop career planning and employability skills for students and job seekers.
• Develop positive working relationship with stakeholders to achieve desired goals.
• Coordinate with academic advisors to help students in making career choices based on their academic majors.
• Research and analyse current employment trends in various sectors of the economy.
• Maintain regular contacts with potential employers for new job opportunities.
• Educate students and job seekers on resume building, interview skills, and professionalism.
• Conduct mock interviews and job search workshops for students and job seekers.
• Conduct career awareness events and job fairs for students.

• Execute outreach programs to promote career services among students and job seekers.
• Maintain a database of student and job seekers academic and employment records.
• Maintain an online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
• Maintain a Recruitment Software system
• Guide students in determining their interests and abilities using a wide range of methods, such as aptitude assessments, interviews and planning materials
• Counsel individual learners, working with them to aid in the development of both hard and soft skills
• Conduct group workshops on a variety of topics, including writing resumes and cover letters and career development resources, researching graduate programmes, and more
• Work with students to overcome issues that could undermine their academic or career success
• Help students craft a long-term plan for reaching their career objectives
• Connect learners to additional resources such as financial aid, vocational training, Government programmes to assist young unemployed adults.
• Plan and publicize the Career Development Centre’s programmes and events such as workshops, job fairs, and orientation sessions
• Collaborate with faculty, staff and other student services divisions to help achieve university-wide goals and contribute to its long-range planning.
• Generate Vacancy Analysis Rate (VAR) on a daily basis
• Administer online career assessment tests to students and job seekers
• Administer online Job Fit Assessments to students and job seekers
• Promote the services of the centre to corporate clients
• Design and implement a Job Fit Calculator
• Design and implement a Learning & Development Plan (LDP)