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The Business Technovise International (BTI) Group is a strategic services firm specializing in Industry 4.0 (I40) Business-IT Strategy Formulation & Implementation, Talent Management (TM), large systems integration, Programme & Project Management (PPM, PMO Advisory, Independent QA), integrated risk management implementation, total business process management and emerging Digitalization/Apps services technology solution provider.


We have been assisting organizations in the Pan-Asia region, with 10-country footprint and over 100K employees, to develop People Leadership, the most important differentiator in transforming an organization to the desired future state. We help our clients to transform their vision into reality through implementation of vision-to-end innovative solutions. Being primarily a service and strategy firm, we work with the best-of-class product solutions to deliver to our clients quick-time-to-market and cost-effective solutions. BTI Group assists its clients to achieve their business vision and objectives by adding value through niche market product/TM service offerings.


Incorporated in the BTI Group (BTI) are the Malaysian office (Business Technovise Innovation) and the Mauritian office (Team SYNthesis (Mauritius & Africa) Ltd, our top management team comprises senior technologists and bankers with MNC banks' background. Our value proposition is real-life expertise and hands-on experience in underwriting the success of our clients' strategic initiatives. Our unique modus operandi demands meeting and where professionally possible, exceeding our clients' expectations as the only key performance indicator that counts. As a consequence, we have only two assets, our people and our clients. Our mandate in fulfilling project aspirations has been strongly guided by our systematic and methodological approach to project implementation.


Our mission, over the last 22 years, is to assist our clients to implement and achieve vision-to-execution Best Practices. This demands outstanding knowledge workers who understand people and organization, business processes and technology, and have the depth to align those critical components to our clients' business strategy. Understanding the business imperatives and the resulting IT/TM initiatives, we work with our clients to reap the quick wins and medium to long-term benefits at a speed with which they are comfortable. In all initiatives, we add value through the incorporation of innovative programme and change management/adaptation techniques.

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