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We wish to provide you with a brief history about our Company to better assist you in your decision making with respect to our proposal. 

Helpers / Cleaners/ machinist/ driver/ Gardener/ Others..

Services has become an indispensable element of homes' and organizations' healthy operation.

While an individual or employee would be less than enthusiastic about the opportunity to scrub the floor or take out the trash, cleaning service companies like us take upon ourselves these unpleasant but necessary activities. Our company provides services for: - Medical facilities: satisfactory sanitary conditions are a prerequisite to their mere existence. - Offices: for a pleasant and organized working environment. - Educational facilities, Retail Stores, Banks, Galleries and showrooms, houses of​ worship,government facilities and restaurants, industries etc We,at Marinaresco Services Ltd have the following of options: Trained and professional machinist personnel. · Variety of custom tailored and budget-friendly services . 

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