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Full time


As a Shelf Supervisor, you will be responsible for overseeing the stocking and organisation of merchandise on store shelves. This role involves leading a team, ensuring accurate inventory management, and maintaining high standards of product presentation and customer service. The ideal candidate...
Full time


As a Shelf Worker, you will be responsible for stocking and organising merchandise on store shelves. This role involves ensuring that products are displayed neatly, maintaining inventory accuracy, and providing excellent customer service. The ideal candidate will have strong organisational...
Full time


As a Helper in the fish division, your main tasks will include helping customers to choose seafood, keeping the department clean and organised, and ensuring seafood is fresh and well-stocked. You will also prepare seafood for sale, handle inventory, and follow food safety guidelines. Key...
Full time

Human Resource Assistant

Recruitment Support Manage Onboarding process  Organise and manage employees Record Keeping Benefits Administration Ensure compliance with benefits regulations Assist in resolving employee conflicts Manage and assist in payroll and benefits administration
Full time

Human Resource Officer

Recruitment of staff Manage the on-boarding and off boarding of employees To prepare the end of probation report of workers and send to all HOD. Maintain employee records. Conduct the processing of monthly payroll in a timely and accurate manner. Draft memos, warnings and other HR -...
Full time

Mecanicien et Apprenti

Offre d’emploi : Mécanicien Qualifié et Apprenti Nous sommes un nouveau garage situé au nord de l’île et nous recherchons des candidats passionnés pour rejoindre notre équipe dynamique. Voici les postes disponibles : Mécanicien...
Full time


As a Fish Controller, you will manage the seafood section of our store. You will order, stock, and sell seafood, ensuring freshness and good presentation. You will also provide advice to customers on seafood selection and preparation. Key Responsibilities: Order seafood products based...
Full time

BUTCHERY HELPER (Meat & Poultry)

As a Butchery Helper, you will help the Butcher with daily tasks. This includes preparing meat, serving customers, and keeping the area clean. You will also handle deliveries, manage stock, and operate equipment. Key Responsibilities: Assist with basic preparation tasks such as...
Full time


As an Assistant Butcher, your main role is to prepare and handle meat products. You will be responsible for tasks like cutting, trimming, packaging, and ensuring the freshness and quality of the meat. You will also need to follow food safety standards, assist customers, maintain a clean work...
Full time

BUTCHER (Meat & Poultry)

As a butcher, you will be responsible for overseeing the operations of the butchery department, including inventory management, quality control, and staff supervision, to ensure efficient and profitable operations.   Key Responsibilities: Skilfully cut, trim, and prepare various...

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