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VOS MISSIONS POUR CE POSTE : Rattaché au directeur technique, vous aurez pour mission le développement d’applications et la maintenance du code existant. Vos responsabilités à ce titre seront : Développement des nouvelles fonctionnalités...
Full time


XEFI recherche de nouveaux talents. Notre ambition : vous offrir une vraie carrière. Fondé en 1997, le groupe XEFI s’est forgé une réputation de leader en proposant des services informatiques, bureautiques, logiciels et Cloud «...
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Fondé en 1997, le groupe XEFI s’est forgé une réputation de leader en proposant des services informatiques, bureautiques, logiciels et Cloud « prêt-à-l’emploi » auprès des TPE/PME. Véritable guichet unique de...
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Looking for helpers Requirements: have a basic knowledge of english and french be in a good physical condition to lift and carry boxes of approximately 20 Kg  
Full time

Administrative Officer

Looking for Administrative Officer Requirements :  HSC Comfortable with MS Office
Full time

Client Accountant

Client Accountant - Accounting We have a number of vacancies for experienced accountants to join our team. Your responsibilities will include: Drafting financial statements for clients. Auditing computerised accounting records prior to the preparation of financial statements....
Full time

We are looking for Salesmen to work for a Manufacturing company

The salesman will have the responsibilities as follows: Regularly visit supermarkets as per schedule and taking of orders. Regularly follow up on competitors’ position. This includes new products, promo and competition’s status. Follow up on the work of merchandisers....
Full time

Warehouse and Logistics Manager

The job incumbent shall be responsible for managing and leading the store and logistics of the company by demonstrating high experience in driving process improvements and showing continuous development of new systems, best practices, and other optimisation framework to ensure business growth.
Full time

Head of Supply Chain

The job incumbent shall be responsible for identifying and developing potential new suppliers in view to achieve strategic purchasing objectives for Nthe company. The person shall also be responsible for an excellent supply management of products mix. The Head of Supply Chain shall be responsible...
Full time


CMTI Distribution Ltd is looking for a driver for its office situated at La Tour Koenig Pointe aux sables.The Driver will be responsible for safely and efficiently transporting employees and goods to their designated locations. The position requires excellent driving skills,attention to detail, a...

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